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The career outlook for x ray technicians is very positive over the coming decade and here at the X Ray Technician Salary and Career Center our goal is to help you successfully prepare for this rewarding role within the health care industry. Our mission is to provide you with top quality articles and resources on the best way to find x ray technician training programs, certification guides, employment opportunities, as well as detailed x ray technician salary data.

The job outlook for the x ray technician is very positive over the next ten to fifteen years. As the baby boomer generation ages, we expect to see an increased number of diagnostic procedures being carried out in all areas within the health care industry. Currently, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the number of jobs for x ray technicians will increase by as much as 17% through the year 2018. This is in addition to the number of existing positions in the field, which has already topped 215,000 throughout the country.

X Ray Technician Salary and Career CenterWhile over 60% of these positions are located within hospital settings, we expect to see job growth across many other areas of the health care industry as well. Over the long-term, you can expect to see new employment opportunities for x ray technicians within diagnostic centers, private practices, and many other speciality clinics. Employment prospects may even be better for this technicians who choose to specialize in imaging procedures such as CT, MR, or mammography as the use of these diagnostic tools continues to grow.

The x ray technician salary will also increase as a result of this job expansion. While the earnings for x ray technicians tend to depend on the state of practice, the type of health care setting in which a tech is employed, as well any additional certifications held, we do expect to see a positive trend in the x ray technician salary across most geographical regions and employment environments.

If you’re hoping to get started with your own career as an x ray technician, again the time has never been better to get going. We hope that you find the X Ray Technician Salary and Career Center a valuable resource in preparing for your journey into this challenging and fulfilling profession.